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Kreston Global is one of the world’s largest international accounting networks whose focus is helping our clients to be successful in every country or market they choose to operate in. With over 23,500 people in 110 countries worldwide, Kreston is ready and able to help you and your specific business need. Founded 50 years ago, our aim remains to help businesses and people succeed internationally.

Whether you are located in one country and wish to expand overseas, a multinational looking for an alternative service provider across multiple territories, or a private individual with investments and assets who needs tax, relocation or portfolio support, our Kreston Global collaborative network is here for you.

Kreston GSiA has a decade of exceptional experience in Thailand. Providing exceptional services to the clients throughout the country relating Audit, Accounting, Tax, Business Consulting and Payroll, Kreston is located in central of Bangkok. Our partners are experienced internationally with local knowledge.

When you need professional support, you need a pro-active business adviser who not only knows how to navigate regulation, tax regimes, reporting and compliance requirements – but gives valuable insights into improving your business.


Kreston GSiA Thailand was established in 2013 by a group of audit and tax professionals including the followings:

  1. Mr. Gawinpob Pridi, a Thai licensed CPA and a CPA authorized by the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC Thailand). He is experienced in Thailand and Mobility in United States of America, 
  2. Ms. Worraparn Kaewseengam, a Thai licensed CPA and licensed Tax Auditor (TA). She is experienced in Thailand and Mobility in China, and 
  3. Mr. Manuel Thierry Jean-Michel Ollivier who is experienced in international business and organizational development from France.

Providing exceptional services to international and local clients throughout Thailand and SEA region for over a decade, the firm has been approved by the Department of Business Development (www.dbd.go.th) and the Federation of Accounting Profession of Thailand (www.tfac.or.th).

The company announced its international expansion by joining one of the world’s largest Accounting Networks in 2022. From the result of audit quality controls assessed by the United Kingdom office, the company was approved as Thailand network of Kreston Global International, the 13th largest Accounting Network in the world. The company subsequently changed its name from GSiA Audit to Kreston GSiA Thailand. Our aim remains to help businesses and people succeed internationally. 


Kreston GSiA Audit (Thailand) Limited
Kreston GSiA Tax Services (Thailand) Limited
Kreston GSiA Consulting (Thailand) Limited
Kreston GSiA (Thailand) Limited

Kreston GSiA complies with the professional standards appropriate to Thailand and adhere to the following international standards:


*International Standards on Quality Control

*International Standards on Auditing

*Code of ethics as issued by the IESBA


A globally coordinated quality monitoring and review programme supports member firms in the maintenance of these standards.



We know local and international regulations inside out. Combine that with the solid reputation and enviable contact book and there’s no doubt that we give your business a competitive edge and reliability. 


Kreston Global is built on a foundation of audit quality, be they statutory, internal or any other type. We are focused on providing our clients with high standards of reporting and technical knowledge from our teams across the globe.

Fast response

Our team is a young generation. Our partners and members are energetic and willing to assist our clients in a timely manner.


We are not just your auditor or accountant but advisor. We provide you professional recommendations to your business. We are here to help.

Quality Control

Kreston GSiA complies with the professional standards applicable in Thailand and adhere to the international standards including International Standards on Quality Control, International Standards on Auditing, and Code of ethics as issued by the IESBA.

23,500 PEOPLE